How Globally Grown came to be...

Out of desire to educate people about the international produce market, a group of perishable importers based in the United States decided to start a global platform to do just that. There was a need to establish a place and network that not only promoted universal products but also allowed for these industries to tell stories. Once the idea was in place, this group of people needed a name that did not discriminate and one that did not create restrictions or boundaries, rather one that showcased what the planet had to offer. This mentality and vision are important driving forces of Globally Grown.  By partnering with countries themselves, Globally Grown believes that telling these stories and educating people will collectively benefit all industries. That is how Globally Grown was born.

What does Globally Grown mean?

Globally Grown embraces the notion that, some way or another, we are now all inter-connected. The time has come for industries to not only work together to better themselves but also to collaborate with each other to show people what the world has to offer. Globally Grown means embracing this connectivity and uniting with one another in order to Sell More Products.

What sets Globally Grown apart from the rest?

Although a platform to promote and highlight international perishables everywhere, Globally Grown is more than just that. Globally Grown strives to educate people about the benefits of buying products from all over the world. Through globalization we have seen economic borders all but disappear. Products that were impossible to purchase locally several years ago are now found in supermarkets everywhere year-round. We are taking this opportunity to educate consumers and producers alike about the fresh products that are offered, their origin and insider tips. We want to bring awareness to the stories behind the products and tap into the beauty of the diverse products, industries and countries. This platform will allow for industry members to keep up-to-date with relevant information, promote and share campaign ideas, and work together on special projects. Consumers can use the Globally Grown platform to browse the different selection of products, research where they come from and even learn how to use and maintain these products, all with the help from the industries themselves. 

The Globally Grown Passport Stamp

Why Globally Grown LogoThe Globally Grown Passport Stamp is our way of “giving a face” and a collective name to our network, brand and products. By placing our unique passport stamp on the packaging and the products themselves, the public is able to distinguish Globally Grown products from the rest and understand where they come from. The Globally Grown passport stamp ties different industries and countries together, and unites people that want to promote and educate others on fresh products throughout the world.

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