Colombian Flower Industry

The Colombian Flower collection features over 1,600 different varieties. Among these diverse selections, Colombia is known for its roses, carnations, alstroemerias, and pompons —just to name a few.

The Colombian Flower Industry has been around for almost fifty years. It has now become the #1 flower supplier to the United States as well as the second flower purveyor worldwide. The top three Colombian flower varieties that are distributed globally are bouquets (39%), roses (27%), and standard carnations (12%). Asocolflores or the Association of Colombian Flower Exporters represents the majority of farms that provide Colombian flowers to the global population. 


The Colombian Flower Industry prides itself in generating development. To date, the floriculture industry of Colombia is responsible for creating more than 130,000 direct (85,000) and indirect (45,000) jobs. Of the people that work within the industry, 60% are female employees. The industry provides welfare, security, and childcare services for its employees and believes in cultivating a safe and happy workplace for all who are involved. In 1996, Asocolflores developed a standard for the flower sector. This eventually led to the formal establishment of Florverde Sustainable Flowers® in 2005, with an update in 2008. The Colombian Flower industry believes that these regulations and standards that have been put in place will not only help in generating a constantly high-quality product but also improve the lives of the industry employees.


Since Colombia is an equatorial country the weather is fairly similar year-round, no matter where you are located. Due to this, flowers are constantly being produced all year long.

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