FMI Midwinter Executive Conference: Relevant Trends

Globally Grown is embracing New and Different Retail Trends

Recently, we’ve been tracking what’s going on in the market and retail business and we’re happy to report that Globally Grown is keeping up with what’s hot. In the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference that was held in late January in Miami Beach, Doug Stephens, the “Retail Prophet” talked about different ways brands and stores could think outside the box. He talked about creating “experiences” for customers and the importance of emitting this information in a rapid manner. In this day and age, it is important to react fast to different trends and changes in our environment. Globally Grown is a portal for industries to share ideas on which marketing techniques and tools can be used to improve sales and awareness. By allowing industries to work together through our platform, we can facilitate in the creation of unique customer experiences and also provide the much-needed speed to ensure people are being educated at the speed that they are looking for today.

In the same conference, Ed Crenshaw, CEO of Publix Super Markets, emphasized the role of consumers and how information is what they are looking for nowadays. “We’re in a connected world. Information is power. Today, that’s the customer, with information in the palm of their hand.” Globally Grown prides itself in providing customers detailed information on the everyday products they consume. Not only will Globally Grown give out the basics—such as where each product comes from, its availability and seasonality—but it will also have specific product tips for longevity and freshness. Furthermore, by allowing industries to publish pictures and stories of the process of getting the products from the farms to the hands of the consumers, Globally Grown will give people even more reason to make well-informed shopping decisions. Globally Grown is a great example of a platform that emphasizes the importance of the consumer and allows for each partnering industry to focus on these important trends and provide both the information and education that is needed through innovative measures and technology.


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Source: Supermarket News

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