Kevin Ylvisaker presents 'The Latest in Floral Trends' at the 2014 WFFSA Conference

During the 2014 WFFSA conference, Kevin Ylvisaker, a PFCI and AIFD certified member and floral trend consultant with more than 39 years of experience made a presentation on the 2015 buying trends and how they affected the floral industry.

Globally Grown is in sync with many of the buying trends that Ylvisaker believes are necessary and important for the flower industry to take note of. A multi-cultural and diverse customer base allows for the flower industry to promote and showcase its globally sourced flowers. Customers are no longer focusing on just buying domestic products. They are open to buying flowers from all over the planet and learning about the flowers’ origins. Consumers, suppliers, wholesales, retailers, and even countries alike are converting this “trend” into a permanent reality.  Globally Grown has also emphasized that global is the new way to buy products.

Ylvisaker spoke about how customers are now buying “less of what is popular and more of what suits them”. With the great variety that exists in the global flower market, the possibilities are endless for consumers to pick and choose what flower arrangements and varieties best suits their style and personality. He also pointed out that the “new customer” cares about the planet; something Globally Grown believes is becoming the norm or as Ylvisaker put it: “the way of life”.

It is clear that “The Latest in Floral Trends” as presented by Kevin Ylvisaker go hand-in-hand with Globally Grown’s mission and its role within the international flower industry.  For Globally Grown, it is a step in the right direction when other people are making statements that align with what Globally Grown is all about.

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