Analyzing the Retailing 2015: New Frontiers' Report

The Retailing 2015: New Frontiers report by Price Waterhouse Coopers and TNS Retail Forward has confirmed that the shopping direction people are taking is exactly what Globally Grown believes in and promotes! We are living in a world where everything is connected; global awareness and interconnectivity allow for people to become virtual neighbors. These aspects of our planet and society are what drives Globally Grown to push forward.

The Retailing 2015: New Frontiers report states, “Global scope has been an option. In 2015, it will be a requirement…” Globally Grown believes this sentiment to be true as well.  Not only should businesses offer products at a global scope but they should also take this idea a step further.  By educating people about the globally grown products they are buying, industries and companies are tapping into the needs and wants of this new type of customer. This consumer is concerned about the planet and the people that live in it and wants to understand how his or her purchase is affecting our world. Furthermore, “diversity is just a part of who they are. Technology is part of their DNA”. These consumers will appreciate the Globally Grown platform, one that will give them information about diverse products through methods that they have grown accustomed to: the Internet and social media.

In addition, the report emphasizes how times have changed; “In 2015, retailers will do business in a true global economy—global customer base, global sourcing…” People will no longer exclusively support domestically grown products. Global awareness accounts for this change in perspective. This notion is one that is fully embraced by Globally Grown and will continue to build momentum in the coming years.

Reports such as PWC and TNS Retail Forward’s Retailing 2015: New Frontiers allow people to see that we are not the only ones that are thinking at a global scale.  As time goes by, global sourcing and the interconnectivity that is associated with it will become the norm. Globally Grown will continue to work with different industries and countries to educate the public on the diverse products that are offered throughout the planet. 

Read the full Retailing 2015: New Frontiers report here.

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