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Colombia was the first country to partner with Globally Grown. As a partner, Colombia wanted to showcase the many agricultural products it is known for and has to offer. For many years now, Colombia has been a leader in coffee, flower, and banana production. With these important achievements in the international agricultural industry, Colombia has begun to implement innovative and responsible growing techniques in many of its industries in an effort to become more globally known. Globally Grown is proud to create an even bigger market and and awareness towards the products that Colombia has to offer at a global level. Procolombia is in charge of promoting exports, international tourism and foreign investment in ColombiaProColombia works closely with Colombian growers in creating and implementing strategies that benefit both international consumers and business owners.  


The Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification program began 15 years ago as a way for farms and companies to reach both environmental and social goals in the flower industry. Many Asocolflores farms are Florverde certified and implement these standards to enhance the way of life of their employees and to conserve and protect the planet. Florverde staff includes agronomists, social workers, and people in the environmental field, who all work together to update these standards and make sure that the farms and companies are properly applying the guidelines. The Florverde standard makes sure that farms are protecting workers, that the practices being used are environmentally friendly, and that the handling and care of the flowers produce the best quality. If you want to read more about Florverde and its standard click here.

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Columbia Agriculture Stats Columbia Agriculture Stats


Colombian Flower Industry

Colombian Flower Industry

Other Top Agricultural Products: Coffee (fourth largest producer of coffee in the world), Bananas